Be yourself

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  • Do you ever feel that people don’t get the full story when you’re speaking English?
  • Is there a big gap between what you want to say and what you actually say?
  • Is the real you struggling to be heard?

In the early stages of learning a language it’s all about making meaningful sentences with the language you have available. What many language teachers don’t tell you is that it takes time and effort before you can really be yourself in another language.

I’ve been there!

I understand this problem, because I’ve been through the process myself. I went from someone who was simply learning German at school to someone who used German comfortably in a team of German speakers. My German isn’t perfect, but I feel much more comfortable now about being myself in German. I know that being myself means that people get a better idea of my personality.

Why is this important?

Our relationships with others depend on how we communicate. It’s hard to develop a business relationship with someone when you don’t get the whole picture because they’re struggling to show what they are really like, their sense of humour, or how they react spontaneously. This means you don’t get the full picture, so it’s hard to get to know, like, or trust them.

The other problem is that people can make assumptions and treat you differently from how they would if they were interacting with you in your first language. People at first thought I was shy, or that I didn’t have anything to contribute. In reality, my lack of confidence to speak German was making it harder for me to be myself and share my ideas.

How can I help you?

I teach English to professionals who want to take their English to the next level. I do all the things that you would expect of a language teacher – I answer questions about grammar, help with vocabulary, and give suggestions to improve your language. But all of this feeds into the one overarching goal of helping you to really be yourself in English. It’s then that the best conversations can happen.

Are you ready to take your English to the next level and let the real you shine through?

If this sounds like you and you’d like to know more, sign up for a 30-minute online introduction with me so that we can discuss what you would like to change and how I can help you.

Nothing happens if we do the same things and expect different results. If you want to see a change in your English and you’re ready to invest time and energy in making that happen, fill in the form and let’s start the conversation!

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