Feel confident using your business English

Do you spend hours agonising over presentations that you have to give in English?
Do you dread the telephone ringing, because it could mean that you’ll have to speak to an English-speaking colleague or customer?
Do you wish that you could speak or write effortlessly, without having to think about every single word and how it sounds?

People have all kinds of problems when it comes to learning English. In this book, I share some of the solutions that have worked for me as a language learner or that have helped my customers to develop what they know, use what they know and reach their potential.

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In many ways, my role as an English teacher is to help my customers to find those solutions. I don’t just mean the answers to my grammar questions, but ways to solve the individual problems that they have when it comes to learning English, or putting the English that they have already learned to use in everyday situations. In many cases, people already have much of the knowledge that they need, but other issues, such as a lack of confidence, or not knowing how to get complicated ideas into manageable language, hold them back from achieving their goals. Through my work with individuals from a range of backgrounds, I’ve been able to help people to overcome some of these problems and I’d now like to share my tips and ideas with you.

I believe that there is no right way to learn. Some people will tell you that you will fail if you don’t do things their way. However, I disagree with that because I believe that everybody has to figure out their own learning style and what works best for them.

I also believe that learning shouldn’t only take place during the English lesson. If you really want to make progress and remember what you’ve learned, you need to make the language part of your everyday life and find enjoyable ways to practise it. In this book, I suggest a number of ways in which you can do this.

The chapters are organised into sections and you don’t have to read them in order. You can look through the book to see which questions and problems apply to you and then read those sections to find out the tips and ideas that I have for you on that subject.

Kirsty talks about her book

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What’s covered in the book?

The book has50 chapters and these are divided up into 5 sections. Here are some examples of what you’ll find in each section:

Using English at work

  • I hate speaking English on the telephone
  • I have to attend meetings that are held in English
  • I don’t think that my emails are good enough
  • I don’t understand my English-speaking colleagues.

Career and networking

  • I have to attend a job interview in English
  • I find it difficult to have general conversations
  • It’s hard to say “no” in another language.

Language, grammar and tenses

  • Common mistakes with tenses
  • How can I make sure that I translate texts well?

Finding out what works for you and learning with others

  • I don’t have much structure to my language learning
  • My vocabulary is too basic for interesting conversations
  • I’ve got so much to do. It’s hard to stay motivated.

Problems with language learning and how to fix them

  • I spend a lot of time learning English but I don’t feel that I’m making progress
  • I’ve tried several courses, but none of them worked for me.

General tips

  • I need to improve my listening skills
  • I think that my pronunciation makes it difficult for others to understand me.

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