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English with Kirsty – episode 192

Interview with Jennie Eriksen

You can listen to episode 192 here:

Jennie is the owner at Master your Messaging and Lovely Voice.

This is how Jennie introduces herself:

” I’m Jennie Eriksen and I work with clients on effective online communication and messaging.
As a confidence and visibility coach, I help clients who are struggling to confidently show up online with an engaging message, whether that’s a networking meeting, a Facebook Live, Webinar, Summit or maybe as a podcast guest, or speaker.
I work with clients to create memorable messaging.
Together we work on laying the foundations of how you talk about your business, make genuine connections, and ensure your message resonates with others so people understand what you do.
This work goes hand in hand with my narration work. As a professional voiceover I write and narrate for clients worldwide. I know first-hand how difficult it can be to get your message right, every time.
I’m a hand holder and a cheerleader. If you need your “ass” kicked, I’m not your gal. I believe in small, purposeful steps and the momentum it creates. I’m all about celebrating the small stuff.”

We talk about how to come across authentically in networking meetings, some of the benefits of attending meetings online, and, at a time when some of us are doing a lot more talking, how to take care of your voice.

As well as Jennie’s websites, which are linked at the top of this section, you can find her on Facebook and Instagram.

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