Ana dressed in the summer Burberry dress, with long hair, laughing during an offline meeting with Mindset Owners Club speech.

English with Kirsty – episode 197

Ana Mihaela – on networking and making a good first impression on LinkedIn

You can listen to episode 197 here:

Today’s episode is an interview with Ana Mihaela from the European Business Networking Institute and Mindset Owners Club.

This is how Ana introduced herself:

“Over the last 15 years, I have met over 30,000 business people and learned about many industries. I have helped build business systems that support thousands of business owners and I organise meetings and events to create a better community in the business environment all over Europe and the world. I love connecting with people, finding out their stories, and supporting them with the right connections.”

We talk about the events that Ana organises, some tips for making a good first impression at networking events, and some simple ways to optimise your LinkedIn profile.

If you want to connect with Ana, you can find her on LinkedIn.

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