Alina, with curly brown shoulder length hair, standing and holding a tablet

English with Kirsty – episode 201

Alina Bota on marketing coaching and developing your brand in an additional language

You can listen to episode 201 here:

In today’s episode, I’m speaking with Alina Bota Tăbușcă about

  • What is a marketing coach and how can having one help you in your business?
  • The parallel between marketing coaching and language training.
  • Developing your brand voice and brand identity in another language.
  • How working in multiple languages can create bridges for entrepreneurs.
  • Plus Alina’s new dog Luna!

Alina with her dog Luna

This is how Alina introduces herself:

“I am Alina, an entrepreneur who believes in people and their potential to create and generate progress. I work every day on supporting other entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into actions and results. I believe marketing is a great set of tools to help them do this. But managing to integrate your goals, your resources, and your lifestyle into your every plan is even better. So I created Coach4Marketing, a business designed for remarkable entrepreneurs, on their way to success starting from the inside out.

You can find out more about Alina’s work on her Coach4marketing website, or on LinkedIn.

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