Episode 27

English with Kirsty – episode 27

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Getting your voice heard in meetings

In this episode, I give some advice about getting your point across in meetings, making yourself heard and dealing with people who keep interrupting you.

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1. Be clear in your own mind about your point

You don’t have to plan what you want to say, but be clear about your message. People will lose interest if you seem unsure.
Don’t ramble!
Keep to the point and people will be more likely to listen.
Think about your delivery – don’t rush through what you have to say or people may think you don’t believe it yourself.

2. If you can’t make your point heard

Don’t wait to be asked – find a way to join the discussion:
Following on from what X has just said
I agree with Y
There’s something that I’d like to add to that …
Before we move on, can I just
That’s an interesting point, but have you thought about … (This doesn’t necessarily mean that you really find it interesting, but you’re showing that you value the other perspective, even if you don’t share it.)
I understand what you’re saying but

If there’s an agenda, submit items for it so that the thing that you want to talk about will be covered.

3. If people keep interrupting

If someone interrupts you, don’t keep talking at the same time as them. Sooner or later, they will need to take a breath and you can use this pause to bring the conversation back round to what you wanted to say.

It may not be appropriate if you’re talking to your boss or the director of the company, but sometimes it is fine to say things such as
“I’m sure that this will be clearer when I’ve finished explaining my point” (If they raise an objection)
“Actually I hadn’t finished what I wanted to say about this. Perhaps we can address this point when I’ve finished giving you all the facts”.
“excuse me, I haven’t finished”.
I’d just like to add … before we move on

Some people are so used to overtalking others and to being unchallenged, that they just continue to do it and they are completely unaware of how this makes others feel. Others do it intentionally! Either way, you still have a right to be heard.

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