Episode 5

English with Kirsty – episode 5

10 tips for effective communication on the telephone – 1

In this episode I begin a three-part series in which I look at how you can improve your telephone skills.

You can listen to episode 5 here:

1. Prepare for the call

With whom do you want to speak?
Do you need to look up any vocabulary first?
Is there any information that the other person may want from you?

2. Be clear about what you want to achieve
Do you need some information?
Do you want to clarify arrangements?
Are you clear about what you want from the other person? If you are, you are less likely to have to call back.
3. Remember the other person has no non-verbal cues
They can’t see whether you’re smiling or scowling.
It’s not enough to nod your head if you agree.

4. Think about your tone of voice
Your tone of voice needs to reflect your message.
If you’re reading, you may speak too fast or sound bored.
Try not to let shyness detract from your message.

This is where you can find part two and part 3 of this series.

During the podcast, I mentioned my webinar recording. If you’d like to watch my presentation called “Feel confident about contributing to meetings in English”, let me know using the form and I’ll send you the link and password.

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