Episode 60

English with Kirsty – episode 60

English for French speakers – interview with Cara Leopold

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In this episode, I focus on tips and resources for French listeners who are learning English. I Interviewed Cara Leopold from Leo listening, who talks about the importance of listening, both for understanding and being understood, gives examples of differences in pronunciation between French and English, and explains why you need to be careful about words which look the same in both languages. Head on over to the show notes for more about Cara, additional links that weren’t mentioned in the podcast, and an illustration to demonstrate the point about the tongue when speaking French and English.

Cara Leopold is an online listening teacher, helping upper-intermediate to advanced learners finally understand spoken English, particularly the informal conversational kind, no matter the accents involved.

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Here is a diagram to demonstrate the differences in the position of the tongue when speaking French and English.
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Find out more

Links for French speakers who are learning English

Christina Rebuffet
An American teacher based in France who blogs in French and creates really cool videos specifically to help French speakers master English

Fabien Snauwaert is a polyglot who has mastered English as a French speaker. He’s even written a book about it. Here are links to his Youtube channel and his website.

This is a great listening resource if you’re a French speaker, with both free and paid options.

Soundguide is more a site for English teachers in France who need resources for their students. However, any site visitor can go to the listening exercises organised by level and theme.

The book that Cara mentioned:
Honni soit qui mal y pense: L’incroyable historie d’amour entre le français et l’anglais by Henriette Walter

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