• Are you looking for a present that won’t just end up in the back of a drawer somewhere?
  • Do you have friends or family members who would like to learn English?
  • Would you like to give them something that will help them to learn? Either furthering their career chances or helping them to feel more confident when speaking English on holiday?
  • Do you think they would enjoy a more personalised English course, but they’re too shy to sign up to one?

Did you know that you can buy vouchers for English lessons at English with Kirsty?

You can find out more about my one-to-one lessons here – where you will also find details of the prices. Lessons between 9:00 and 17:00 UK time are cheaper, and there are also discounts for block bookings.

Please note that I only offer English lessons for adults. If you are looking for something for children, there are teachers who specialise in working with young people and who will be better able to meet your needs.

If you have any questions or you would like to buy a voucher, please fill in the form below. You don’t need to tell me how many lessons you want if you are just using the form to find out more information.

Rate 1 = daytime lessons.
Rate 2 = early morning or evening lessons.
Details of the rates and the prices for blocks of lessons can be found on the lessons page.

What happens next?

  1. Using the details from your form, I will contact you to answer any questions and/or send you your invoice.
  2. Once you have paid your invoice by Paypal, I will send you your voucher, which you can either print out or email to the recipient.
  3. The recipient will contact me to arrange a free introduction meeting (usually around 30 minutes, in English or German). After this, we will book the first lesson.

Cancellations –once booked, lessons can be moved or cancelled up to 24 hours in advance. If less than 24 hours notice is given or the learner does not turn up, the full price will be deducted from the learner’s credit.

Expiration – the voucher codes are valid for one year from the date of issue.

Refund – a refund is available to the person who bought the voucher if, after the first email exchange or introduction meeting, the learner feels that the lessons would not be right for them, or I am unable to offer what they are looking for.


What do my customers say about my lessons as presents?

“Last year I bought my partner Harald a number of online English lessons for beginners from English with Kirsty for Christmas.

We enjoy travelling abroad. As he couldn’t communicate in English, it wasn’t possible for Harald to take part in simple holiday conversations, such as ordering food in a restaurant, booking hotel rooms, asking for directions, or just chatting to the people we met and answering their questions.

Harald attended a number of local language courses to try and improve his language skills, unfortunately with limited success. HE quickly forgot what he had learned.

In addition, the content and timetable were also too rigid, with no flexibility.

After these failed attempts, Harald was even less motivated to learn English, and he was almost at the point of giving up.

That’s why I started looking for a sustainable, flexible learning method. And then Kirsty came along!

I came across Kirsty’s online courses by chance. I liked the sound of what she was offering, and I booked Harald’s first lessons as a Christmas present.

After the lessons ran out, Harold decided to continue learning with Kirsty and I can only say:
The present was the best decision I ever made!

Why do I wholeheartedly recommend English with Kirsty to everyone from 19 to 99?

  1. You can learn English wherever, whenever, and however you want to.
  2. Flexible course modules – whether one or more times a week, or once a month – whatever has been agreed.
  3. NO location restrictions – English at home, at work, in a café, or even on holiday!
  4. It’s easy to integrate the lessons into your schedule, even with a demanding job and when you have little time available.
  5. NO fixed learning materials or need to rigidly learn vocabulary or grammar off-by-heart. Instead, you get an individual learning programme, which is specifically made for you, your interests, and needs. You discuss the learning materials with Kirsty and work on them together with her. You can’t get any more of a personal or individual experience than that!
  6. And the most important thing – learning English with Kirsty is fun! It’s not like being at school, but like talking online to a good friend in English. Learning happens as a matter of course at the same time and is never boring. Kirsty is very good at motivating, explains things clearly and in a way that’s easy to understand, and is very patient.
  7. Harald has made great progress and was able to use the English that he has learned effectively on our last holiday together. That’s also good for his motivation.

    I benefit from it indirectly as well. We regularly communicate in English and through this I can improve and develop my own English skills.

    English with Kirsty is living proof that it’s possible even for generation 50+ to learn a new language for everyday use, even with little or no prior knowledge, and to have fun! Give it a go! It’s an investment that you won’t regret!