How to stay organised when you don’t have a fixed timetable

This week I posted an article on my personal blog as part of my “life as a mature student” series.

The post is specific to my new university course, but I decided to add a link to it here, as some of my readers are studying English.

You may be at a more traditional university and not have the same type of schedule as I do, but a lot of the things I talk about are transferable skills, so you could apply them if you’re working on a larger project for a course or qualification.

Also, I know that some people here like to learn on their own, and they use course books to help them to learn English.

So, if you’d be interested in some time management tips for studying, you can head over to my other blog for how to find time for studying when you don’t have a fixed timetable.

If you have any more tips, let me know in the comments.