One-to-one training with a qualified English language teacher who will help you to communicate confidently and effectively.

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Our first online meeting is always free because it is a chance for us to discuss your current language level, what you want to learn and what I can offer you.

Then, depending on your level and areas of interest, I will put together a learning plan to meet your individual needs.

Some of the areas which we can work on together are:

  • Speaking skills – covering general conversation, holiday vocabulary and communicating with English friends;
  • Developing vocabulary –developing your understanding through a series of reading, listening and speaking activities;
  • Revision – for people who learned English some time ago but haven’t used it for a while and who want to revise what they have learned and practise speaking again;
  • Preparing for a specific trip, project, job interview or presentation – contact meto discuss.

I would be happy to discuss any specific requests which aren’t covered above.

English with Kirsty News is sent out once a month and it contains articles and other information for learners of English as well as the latest news from English with Kirsty.

You can also have a look at my frequently asked questions page.


You can select the plan which best suits your needs and availability.

Lessons last 60 minutes. You can choose from two lesson rates and a number of payment options.

Rate 1 – between 9:00 and 17:00 BST (London)

  • A single lesson – £25
  • A block of 3 lessons – £67.50 (you save £7.50)
  • A block of 5 lessons – £105 (you save £20

Rate 2 – between 08:00 and 09:00, and between 17:00 and 21:00 BST (London)

  • A single lesson – £28
  • A block of 3 lessons – £75 (you save £9)

Customers outside the UK are asked to pay using Paypal. Those inside the UK can pay via Paypal or bank transfer.

Paypal will calculate the conversion into British pounds for you using the current exchange rate automatically. If you want to check how much these prices would be in other currencies, you can use a conversion tool such as the Google conversion tool.

As a guide – subject to the exchange rate:

  • £25 is around 29.70 Euros
  • £67.50 is around 80.10 Euros
  • £105 is around 124.60 Euros
  • £28 is around 33.20 Euros
  • £75 is around 89 euros

Figures as of 09/05/2017

Payment must be received 24 hours before the lesson is due to be given and blocks of lessons must be paid for in advance.

There is a cancellation charge of £15 for rate 1 and £20 for rate 2 if customers cancel a lesson with less than 24 hours notice.

Customer Feedback

Kathi fromGermany

“February 2012: 49 % in the C1 oral exam. Failed, of course…
Annoyed by the thought that my BA degree depends on this test I had to find a solution quickly. I was desperately searching for a tandem partner, but it was hard to find someone. One day I had the saving message from Kirsty on facebook.

July 2012: 84 % in the C1 oral exam. Passed.
Despite the fact that everyone has to exert oneself to make progress in language learning, I have to thank Kirsty. With her I had the chance to have real and unforced conversations about several topics. University cannot provide better preparation for an oral exam where spontaneity, fluency and confidence are required.”

Helen from Switzerland

To be honest, languages were never my favourite subjects but studying electrical engineering also includes improving language skills. 90% of my answers were wrong in the grammar part of my English exam in January 2013 but I passed the course with luck!

In December 2012 a friend had answered questions on Kirsty’s Facebook page “English with Kirsty” and I remembered that and I asked her for help.

In our lessons we talk about several topics or also about certain topics I need for my English class. It isn’t possible to compare her lessons with a lesson at school because they are more personal. Making mistakes and asking questions are allowed and she has a very good way of explaining things in an easy way. I really like the way she teaches and I’m very happy to work with her.

Kristina from Germany

Due to my job it was always so difficult to find a suitable English course. After trying some late Evening courses, I was sure I needed private lessons with a native speaker. It was from the very beginning so easy to communicate with Kirsty and to arrange an appointment. And it is so convenient doing the English classes at home via Skype.

I have been doing these classes now for 10 months and I have improved my English communication skills a lot, thanks to Kirsty’s professional method. The classes with her are so pleasant. We speak about almost every topic – hobbies, travel, current happenings in the world and much more. Sometimes we find the topic spontaneously, sometimes I am sent some articles that I can read and prepare in advance.

The classes usually pass by so quickly. Kirsty has a big talent for teaching English. She can explain things very clearly and in detail, and she gives you the opportunity to speak a lot. I am really happy that I work with her!

Feel confident using your business English

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