The English with Kirsty podcast is for anyone who wants to improve their English skills and particularly for those who want to improve their business English.

I will cover a wide range of topics, such as business English, tips for learning, grammar, vocabulary and effective communication in English.

Drawing on my experience both as a qualified teacher of English and as a Communications Manager, I enjoy working with people to help them communicate clearly and confidently in English.

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Episode list

You can read the show notes and listen to each episode by clicking on the links below.
Episode 172 – Get back on the horse – even experienced language learners get it wrong sometimes
Episode 171 – 12 things I’ve learned during 8 years of working from home full-time
Episode 170 – Interview with Jane Eggers on using a second language at work
Episode 169 – Some challenges and solutions I’ve encountered as I use my second language at work
Episode 168 – New year, no more wasted opportunities

Episode 167 – 9 problems and solutions for talking about your job in English
Episode 166 – Getting the most out of social situations – part 1
Episode 165 – Taking calls in another language – unexpected questions
Episode 164 – New site for additional services, new 30-day language challenge, and new language practice clubs
Episode 163 – English practice for those who are not looking for a teacher
Episode 162 – How practising with others can help you, and my new conversation groups for adult language learners
Episode 161 – Experienced language learners – you can still find a new challenge today!
Episode 160 – Why exam grades are not always a reflection of your language skills
Episode 159 – Interview with Corinne Wilhelm from Byte-sized English
Episode 158 – Answers from the wise old owl – why is it “a reply” but not “an information” or “a feedback”?
Episode 157 – 10 time management tips for studying English
Episode 156 – You don’t have to understand everything in order to learn something
Episode 155 – What is your ideal working environment?
Episode 154 – 10 questions interviewers might be asking themselves at your job interview
Episode 153 – Recognising your bad habits can help you to become better at writing because you know what to look out for
Episode 152 – 10 things that I don’t want to do at the beginning of this new year
Episode 151 – The ED sound at the end of words
Episode 150 – What can I do to improve my English this Christmas time?
Episode 149 – When the language is fine, but it’s still a bad email
Episode 148 – Lessons from a learner – what to do when you don’t understand something
Episode 147 – Choosing the right podcast to help you to learn
Episode 146 – Wise old owl – recommend and suggest
Episode 145 – When using the telephone isn’t the best way to get the job done
Episode 144 – Don’t do these annoying things on social media
Episode 143 – Feel, look, and taste – when verbs can be followed by adjectives
Episode 142 – Tips to help you overcome your fear of public speaking
Episode 141 – Is it good if an English teacher speaks your native language?
Episode 140 – 11 tips for giving a presentation as part of a job interview
Episode 139 – Wise old owl – below, beneath, under, or underneath?
Episode 138 – 20 things you shouldn’t do if you want to win an argument
Episode 137 – Even advanced learners should never stop learning
Episode 135 – Filler words and when they can become a problem
Episode 135 – Pronouncing the TH sound
Episode 134 – Better English in 2018 – summing up
Episode 133 – The silent T
Episode 132 – Better English in 2018 – learning new vocabulary
Episode 131 – How thinking differently about grammar can improve your language skills
Episode 130 – Better English in 2018 – listening skills
Episode 129 – 5 things that could derail your language learning progress
Episode 128 – Better English in 2018 – speaking skills
Episode 127 – Saying that you think something is a bad idea
Episode 126 – Better English in 2018 – how can other people help you?
Episode 125 – Pronunciation – the silent L
Episode 124 – Better English in 2018 – improving your writing skills
Episode 123 – Words and how they sound in spoken English
Episode 122 – Better English in 2018 – reading
Episode 121 – Why speaking less in meetings could be good for you
Episode 120 – Better English in 2018 – what’s getting in your way?
Episode 119 – Dietary requirements and planning meetings
Episode 118 – Better English in 2018 – how will you do it?
Episode 117 – Better English in 2018 – what’s your plan?
Episode 116 – Staying safe on business travel
Episode 115 – Ending calls with people who won’t stop talking
Episode 114 -New Year celebrations in the UK
Episode 113 – Bonfire Night – November 5th
Episode 112 – Being unwell
Episode 111 – 11 things that you should avoid when selling products or pitching ideas
Episode 110 – Language that you shouldn’t copy from native speakers
Episode 109 – Answers from the wise old owl
Episode 108 – Dealing with difficult colleagues
– Episode 107 – Business English vocabulary quiz
– Episode 106 – UK Bank Holidays
– Episode 105 – 10 foods that you may be offered in the UK
– Episode 104 – Tips for situations at work in which you’re the only non-native speaker
– Episode 103 – 7 things that you can do on holiday to practice your English
– Episode 102 – Adjective order – how to decide which word goes first when you’re describing something
– Episode 101 – Speaking skills – when did I stop being afraid to speak German?
– Episode 100 – 100th episode celebration
– Episode 99 – Place names in the UK
– Episode 98 – I’m worried that I won’t understand what people say to me in English
– Episode 97 – Make listening a habit
– Episode 96 – Why don’t people do what I ask them to do?
– Episode 95 – Dog idioms
– Episode 94 – Improving your English whilst studying in the UK
– Episode 93 – Is your writing style appropriate for your audience?
– Episode 92 – Summer weather idioms
– Episode 91 – 10 ways in which taking part in conversations can help you to become a better listener
– Episode 90 – 8 reasons why students don’t like to speak in language lessons and what can be done to solve the problems
– Episode 89 – 5 important language learner lessons
– Episode 88 – Preparing to present in English – getting ready for your question and answer session
– Episode 87 – If something goes wrong, don’t make things worse!
– Episode 86 – Find out what really works for you!
– Episode 85 – 10 words that can follow the word “look”
– Episode 84 – 10 mistakes that people make with language exchanges
– Episode 83 – Reading tips – what you should and shouldn’t do
– Episode 82 – The Sunday roast
– Episode 81 – If you want to improve your listening skills, be a good listener in your native language too
– Episode 80 – Things to consider when presenting information online
– Episode 79 – Audio books – the forgotten resource for listening skills
– Episode 78 – 10 vocabulary tips
– Episode 77 – Idioms about hands, fingers and thumbs
– Episode 76 – Don’t make these mistakes in your out of office reply!
– Episode 75 – Why pay for language training when there is so much free material online?
– Episode 74 – Mistakes to avoid with dates and times
– Episode 73 – Learning tips for introverts
– Episode 72 – What do people from the UK think about Christmas in other parts of Europe?
– Episode 71 – What do people from other parts of Europe think about Christmas in the UK?
– Episode 70 – What activities did I do with my language exchange partners?
– Episode 69 – English for Greek speakers
– Episode 68 – The importance of listening to customers
– Episode 68 – The small things count – customer service and showing that you’re interested
– Episode 66 – Questions for the wise old owl
– Episode 65 – What to do if people are unkind about your English
– Episode 64 – CVs and job applications – interview with Andrea Hartenfeller
– Episode 63 – 7 problems with English texts that could cause people to leave your website
– Episode 62 – Language tandems – interview with Christine Konstantinidis
– Episode 61 – Questions that you shouldn’t ask at a job interview
– Episode 60 – English for French speakers – interview with Cara Leopold
– Episode 59 – Animal names that can also be verbs
– Episode 58 – Interview with Shannon Kennedy – language emersion
– Episode 57 – How podcasts can help you to improve your English
– Episode 56 – English for Romanian speakers
– Episode 55 – Advantages of learning English as part of a group
– Episode 54 – How can you persuade customers to trust you?
– Episode 53 – It’s hard to understand English-speaking customers and colleagues
– Episode 52 – Are you annoying your readers?
– Episode 51 – Went, was, been, and gone.
– Episode 50 – Celebrating success
– Episode 49 – Food idioms
– Episode 48 – Keep yourself accountable
– Episode 47 – What to do when you lose your motivation
– Episode 46 – advantages and concerns about online learning
– Episode 45 – Sentences with give, take, do and make
Episode 44 – Why learning individual words isn’t enough
Episode 43 – How Facebook groups can help you with language learning
Episode 42 – Idioms – parts of the body
Episode 41 – The wise old owl answers your questions
Episode 40 – Learn a language in your lunch break
Episode 39 – What English people say and what they really mean
Episode 38 – Is it good to learn English idioms?
Episode 37 – Nic helps us to prepare for job interviews
Episode 36 – Ask the wise old owl
Episode 35 – What are the advantages of attending a language course?
Episode 34 – I’m worried about my pronunciation
Episode 33 – idioms about horses
Episode 32 – Don’t confuse your readers + my new book is available
Episode 31 – common mistakes part two and CV/interview training prize draw
Episode 30 – common mistakes and CV/interview training prize draw
Episode 29 – Germans in the UK
Episode 28 – I’ll do it myself
Episode 27 – Getting your voice heard in meetings
Episode 26 – The apostrophe
Episode 25 – Learn while you cook and learners helping learners
Episode 24 – English Christmas traditions
Episode 23 – Just say “no”!
Episode 22 – Wintry weather idioms
Episode 21 – Mistakes that I have made as a language learner and how you can avoid making them
Episode 20 – How to get the best out of language exchanges
Episode 19 -Conversation with Natasha Reddrop from Grammar Debugged about job interviews
Episode 18 -Heteronyms – same spelling, different pronunciation
Episode 17 – Do you want to write a good CV and come across well in interviews?
Episode 16 -Interview about English and German with Jane Eggers from Jane Eggers Translations
Episode 15 -Keeping conversations going and avoiding awkward silences – 3
Episode 14 -Keeping conversations going and avoiding awkward silences – 2
Episode 13 -Keeping conversations going and avoiding awkward silences – 1
Episode 12 -What is a personal learning network and why do I need one?
Episode 11 – Homophones – same sound, different spelling and meaning
Episode 10 – 10 common mistakes made by German speakers who are learning English.
Episode 9 – Talking about training and development.
Episode 8 – What prevents us from speaking and what can we do about it?
Episode 7 – 10 tips for effective communication on the telephone 3/3
Episode 6 – 10 tips for effective communication on the telephone 2/3
Episode 5 – 10 tips for effective communication on the telephone 1/3
Episode 4 -“I don’t know!”.
Episode 3 – learning with people who don’t speak your language
Episode 2 – using your journey to work for language learning
Episode 1 – introduction

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