Leanna has long dreadlocks, red glasses, and a nose ring. She is wearing a grey sweater. She is in front of an abstract image of green and blue leaves with a tan background.

English with Kirsty – episode 213

Leanna Lee on learning new languages independently as an adult

You can listen to episode 213 here:

Leanna and I connected when Leanna message me on LinkedIn. First I thought our conversation would be about language teaching, but in the end, we also talked about:

  1. How speaking (and learning) additional languages can make you a better teacher
  2. Strategies for learning new languages independently as an adult.
  3. Ways to make sure that you allocate time to different projects when you’re learning multiple languages.
  4. Leanna’s new blog and website, Learning with Leanna.

This is how Leanna introduces herself:

“I am Leanna Lee, and I started my teaching career with home-schooling my son for his Kindergarten and 1st grade years. After that, I worked as a Spanish and Mandarin Teacher for a private day care. During the pandemic, I obtained my TESOL certificate and started my journey as an ESOL Teacher. I started my company Learning with Leanna during this time and privately tutored through this. I have worked with children and adult students from all over the world and I enjoy helping my students reach their English goals. In my free time I enjoy reading, learning languages, and spending time with my son and husband.”

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