Welcome to English with Kirsty

  • Do you want to feel more confident about speaking English when you interact with customers or colleagues?
  • Do you need to develop your vocabulary and speaking skills so that you can communicate your ideas effectively?
  • Do you feel nervous when you have to give presentations or take part in meetings that are held in English?
  • Do you want the convenience of online lessons that meet your individual needs, with a friendly and qualified English teacher?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place! Start by selecting which category best describes you and what you’re looking for and then you will see the most relevant information about how I can help. You can also read about my lessons in Romanian and German.

Business owners

Do you want to improve your English so that you can talk about your business clearly and confidently? Visit my page about English for business owners.

General English

Maybe you want to improve your general understanding or your conversation skills. Have a look at my page for General English.

Business English for employees

Do you need English to help you to move forward in your career or to play a more active role in meetings? Have a look at my page for Business English for employees.

Who am I and how can I help you?

If you have any questions or you would like to book an introduction meeting with me, you can get in touch with me using my contact form. The online introduction meeting is free and it lasts around 30 minutes. It gives us the chance to discuss what you want to learn and how I can help you.

English with Kirsty News is sent out once a month and it contains articles and other information for learners of English as well as the latest news from English with Kirsty.

Learning online

I have been providing online English lessons for adult language learners across Europe and beyond since 2012 and I enjoy seeing my learners grow in knowledge and confidence as they develop their English with me online.

Personalised lessons

One of the great things about personalised one-to-one or group lessons is that I can design them to help individual learners. This includes things such as

  • Language level – making sure the content is not too easy or difficult;
  • Learning style – presenting information in a way that is easiest for the learner to take in;
  • Learning goals – taking into consideration why someone wants to learn English and what they will use it for;
  • Additional or special educational needs – I already have experience working with a range of blind students. My own experience as a learner has also taught me that one way of doing things does not work for everyone, so I’m open to looking at solutions that we can put in place to help learners with other access needs;
  • Language needs – most of my lessons are held in English, but if learners need me to explain things in German or Romanian, I can do that. This is particularly useful in beginner or grammar classes.

I offer lessons using a range of services including Zoom, Teams, Facetime, LinkedIn video, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Skype.

Customer feedback

Ana from Romania

“I strongly believe in people who want to learn and become better and better every day and working with professionals such as Kirsty is one way of doing it. As I am not a native English speaker I worked with Kirsty on our websites and we loved the way she understood the story and came with brilliant ideas as well. I highly recommend Kirsty if you want to make sure you put into words exactly what you thought of…”
Ana Mihaela Business Owner.

Sebastian from Germany

Online Business-Englisch lernen mit der Muttersprachlerin Kirsty Major macht wirklich Spaß. Schnell überwindet man die Angst beim Sprechen in einer Fremdsprache. Fundiert, humorvoll und im Dialog versteht man auch die Grammatik der härtesten „If-Clauses“. Und wenn das Vokabular fehlt oder eine Formulierung schwer fällt, Kirsty spricht und versteht auch sehr gut deutsch. „English with Kirsty“ kann ich absolut jedem empfehlen, der international arbeitet.
Sebastian Siebert, Strategic Designer

Nurcan from Turkey

“I have fairly enough English to communicate and tell what I want but writing in English, especially essays, has always been a big issue for me. Kirsty helped me a lot to improve my writing. She enabled me to make real progress, be able to move between tenses and even cope with difficult articles and prepositions :) She is very encouraging and has a real talent for clarifying difficult points. She is also very good at explaining topics in a detailed and amusing way. It has always been a pleasure to learn something from her and I feel very lucky to have found a teacher like her!”

Learning resources

I have a podcast with short episodes, packed full of useful content for learners of English. If you don’t listen to podcasts, you can also find the episodes on my Youtube channel.

You can also connect with me on Xing or LinkedIn.