English for your team

Kirsty teaching students on multiple devices.

Empowering your teams to use English at work more confidently and effectively

English is an integral part of many business transactions and relationships nowadays. This is true, both in companies where the main communication language is English, and when businesses want to reach new markets or collaborate with colleagues in other parts of the world.

The English that your employees learned at school rarely gives them the tools that they need to communicate confidently and competently in a business context. This can lead to feelings of stress or discouragement, taking the employees’ focus away from the actual task or from presenting themselves and the company in the best possible way.

I want to change that!

I offer customisable team and individual packages for companies who want to invest in their employees’ language skills. Based in the UK, I provide online training for customers across Europe, predominantly in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Send me a message if you would like to arrange a meeting so that we can discuss what your colleagues need and how I can help. I will then provide you with a quote based on your individual requirements.

What will you get?

  • Empowerment – your staff will be equipped to use English more effectively, have opportunities to develop their speaking/writing skills, and feel ready to use English in new or existing business contexts.
  • Inclusive training – I don’t claim to know everything about inclusivity, but my own need for adaptations to make training more accessible, combined with my work wit clients from over 30 countries and some with specific learning requirements mean that I am open to explore and create learning experiences in which everyone can participate and reach their potential. We don’t all learn in the same way, so I like to discover what we can do to make it easier for each person to succeed.
  • Increased productivity – employees who aren’t spending extra time meticulously triple-checking each email or worrying about upcoming meetings are more relaxed, positive, and they don’t lose time to language-related tasks. This means that they have improved well-being and increased capacity to be productive in other areas.
  • Improved staff morale – people who aren’t feeling stressed about upcoming meetings or tasks in English will be more positive and motivated.
    Authenticity – when people are empowered to be themselves, even in another language, it is easier for others to get to know them, to understand their message, and to build meaningful business relationships.

How do the courses work?

All of my courses are tailor-made to meet your needs, so what you get depends on the package that we create together. This could include:

  • One-to-one sessions with members of staff: ideal for those who need English for a specific purpose or those who want to build their confidence to speak outside of a large group setting.
  • Group sessions of up to five participants in which teams or groups of colleagues can develop their language skills together.
  • Hybrid programmes in which there is a mixture of group and one-to-one training. These develop communication skills within a team, but also allow the flexibility for members to work on individual challenges or to have personal, individualised language support.
  • An Email support time budget to answer ad-hoc enquiries/check written materials (some restrictions apply, such as the exclusion of any legal or hand-written texts).

Why choose my courses?

All of the courses are built around individual needs, whether that’s the confidence to speak, collaborate with others in meetings, present products and services, or provide exceptional customer service. Whilst language exercises or grammar can become part of the lessons if requested, the focus is very much on the practical application of English and how it can improve day-to-day communication in real situations.
I have over 10 years of experience in teaching adults, primarily in the area of business English. Before that, I worked in the field of communications as a communications manager. This means that I combine my knowledge of teaching adults with my understanding of how English is used in real business situations – not just in language textbooks!

I am a language learner as well as a teacher. I speak fluent German, intermediate Romanian, and I’ve recently started learning Portuguese and Italian. Having experienced some of the challenges around using additional languages in a professional context, I come well-equipped with tips and solutions for my learners. This means I can help them to grow and develop their skills with methods that I know can bring results.

Your colleagues can take part from wherever they are that day, whether they’re in the office or working remotely.