Anya sitting in a theatre foyer, but you can't see the background clearly. Anya is wearing a blue top made of t-shirt fabric and a silver chain with a round pendant. Anya is smiling with her head tilted slightly to the right. Anya have blue eyes and long hair, which is usually blond, but now slightly dyed reddish-blond.

English with Kirsty – episode 203

Anja Rohde on learning Thai and tips for using what you’ve learned in another language

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In today’s episode, I’m speaking with Anja Rohde, who shares stories from her own experiences of language learning, as well as some practical ways in which you can put your new knowledge into practice as a language learner.

Anja runs a site called Fremdsprachen-Jobs, a site for advertising and finding jobs that require additional language skills. She also teaches German and works as a job coach.

Founded in 2013, Fremdsprachen-Jobs has become a leader in the online job market, specialising in foreign language services in the German-speaking countries (D-A-CH). And it is part of a larger network of diverse foreign language professionals. Through Fremdsprachen-Jobs, employers are able to find those candidates with language skills who really fit their organisational needs, whether as employees, freelancers or trainees. In addition, language professionals from all industries and freelancers such as translators, interpreters, and teachers, are able to find positions where they can actively use their language skills or find new clients.

Anja took over this project in July 2021 because it compliments and is a valuable addition to her work as a German teacher and job coach. Anja has been teaching German since 2011 and working as a job coach since 2020.

You can find out more about Anja’s work and connect with her on Xing, and LinkedIn.

We also talked about the conversation club. If you want to find out more or to join us at one of the meetings, you can sign up on the conversation club’s page.

Anja told us about several sites that are useful for learning German. They are:

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