Sorina is wearing a white dress with a navy and black design (the pattern is made up of small, abstract shapes). Her hair is styled in loose waves and falls just past her shoulders. She is smiling widely and her eyes are bright with happiness. It looks like she was having a great time that night!

English with Kirsty – episode 209

Sorina Dascal – if you don’t know something, ask a question

You can listen to episode 209 here:

It was hard to find a title for this interview with Sorina Dascal from Social Click because we covered a lot of ground!

Sorina is a passionate social media specialist who helps businesses gain visibility and increase their revenue through social media strategies.

We talked about Sorina’s business and how she helps clients with social media.

We talked about moving to another country and how this can be a struggle if you don’t speak the language well, but how having a group of people around you who want you to succeed can be the key to growth and development – if you are brave enough to ask for help when you need it.

We talked about one of Sorina’s challenges and how she overcame it.

Sorina’s story is a really positive one and it’s exciting to hear her journey.She’s someone who generally wants to do good and help people, so be sure to check out her links and discover more about what she does.

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