General English

  • Do you wish that you could say more when you are on holiday or when you meet with friends who speak English?
  • Do you find it hard to really be yourself in English and to express your personality?
  • Do you feel shy when you have to speak, or do you get frustrated because you can’t sayy all of the things that you would like to say?
  • I’ve been on this journey! First with German, and in 2021 I started learning Romanian. I know how it feels to hunt around for the right words, to hope people will understand, and to have to reduce what I want to say down to what I can actually say. But I also know it’s possible to move past these challenges.

    I really enjoy working with clients to help them to overcome their fear of speaking, and to gain the confidence to use what they’ve lerned. Whether you’d like a customised programme with lots of opportunities to speak, or you’d like to focus on your grammar or general writing skills, I can help you to improve your English in a way that works for you. We’re all different and it’s important to identify what you want to achieve and how you like to learn.

    I’d like to meet you!

    If this page has made you curious, I look forward to meeting you online and exploring how we can work together.

    You can either start the conversation by sending me an email, or send me a message (in English, Romanian or German) using my contact form.

    English with Kirsty News is sent out once a month and it contains articles and other information for learners of English as well as the latest news from English with Kirsty.


    1. Customised, one-to-one language training

    In the customised courses you have the opportunity to work with me on the challenges and areas that are important to you. This could be speaking skills, pronunciation, developing your vocabulary, or understanding spoken English. I will put together a course for you in which we will look at your goals and help you to meet them.

    2. Grammar course

    Would you like to revise areas of grammar or do you have questions about one or more grammar topics? I have a one-to-one grammar course with 10 modules to choose from. You can do them all or design your own course depending on your needs.

    3. Writing course

    Would you like to develop your writing skills? I offer a 5 or 10-week writing course in which you will complete writing tasks independently and receive detailed, written feedback to help you improve.

    Come and join us at my online conversation club events

    It would be great to meet you! I’d like to offer you three free invitations to my conversation club events so that you can get to know me and have the opportunity to speak English at one of the club’s events. I have events that are specifically for business owners, employees, and general conversation, so you can discover which ones are more relevant and interesting for you.

    The Conversation Club events are designed to give people the opportunity to improve their speaking skills in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. One event per month is for general conversation. There will be an opportunity to meet other people, to learn from a short presentation, and to have general conversations about everyday topics.