Nadezhda has shoulder length hair, wearing a grey jacket over a ping shirt, and is standing in front of a wall.

English with Kirsty – episode 214

Nadezhda Chalykh on intercultural communication

You can listen to episode 214 here:

Nadezhda Chalykh is a trainer, consultant and lecturer working in the field of intercultural communication. She holds a Masters degree in Business communications from Sup Career business school (OMNES Education Group, Paris, France). Nadezhda has worked for major advertising groups (Omnicom Media Group), technology companies (SQAD LLC) and educational institutions (ISCOM business school), in Paris and London. In her current consulting role she accompanies businesses on a variety of subjects, including intercultural management, leadership and teamwork. She speaks 4 languages and is an expert of Russia, France, UK and Italy. Nadezhda’s training approach is based on practical, dynamic and engaging learning.

Here are some of the topics that we discussed:

  1. Nadezhda’s language learning journey
  2. When it’s time to start actually speaking a new language
  3. Different types of communication styles – influenced by language and culture
  4. Ways to communicate better and to avoid misunderstandings
  5. Cultural norms in terms of communication – what is polite? Which topics are considered too personal?
  6. How learning about language and culture are connected and why they are both important
  7. Ways for those using their first language to be more inclusive in professional situations.
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    Nadezhda’s Linkedin profile.

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