Close-up photo of Leda. The sun is shining on her face and she is smiling. She has brown eyes and brown, wavy hair.

English with Kirsty – episode 224

Leda shares how reading can help you to develop your vocabulary and broaden your perspective

You can listen to episode 224 here:

Ioana-Leda Costea-Nicolae is an English to Romanian Charity and Public Sector Translator whom I met on LinkedIn. Initially I was happy to have found another Romanian connection who enjoys languages, but as I began to read more of her content, I thought she would be a good guest to bring on the podcast too!

Leda loves translating texts that educate, entertain, and inspire: from articles about mental health to child protection documents and educational resources developed by charities. She also loves reading, learning languages, and having a nice cuddle with her dog, Puck.

We talked about:

  • Leda’s interest in languages from an early age.
  • How reading books, including audio books, can help you to develop your language skills.
  • Leda’s book group on LinkedIn.
  • Translating children’s books into Romanian
  • How Leda got into doing social care, parenting, and mental health content translations.
  • The benefits of having a dog!

I had to bring Puck the golden retriever into the episode somehow!

We also had a conversation about LinkedIn and how it’s a good place to make new contacts, share information, and learn. Come and find us there if you haven’t already!

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