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English with Kirsty – episode 215

Rita Prazeres Gonçalves and Kirsty on languages – why they are so important to us and how we help others to learn them

You can listen to episode 215 here:

Where do I start? When Rita and I get together we never really know what will happen! We have all kinds of ideas for projects and I’m sure you’ll hear more about those soon.

But this time we talked about one of our favourite subjects: languages!

That means

  • How we became interested in them and the role that they play in our lives
  • How we share this passion with others and help them to learn
  • Why Madonna is so important in Rita’s language learning story
  • How language without context won’t help you to communicate
  • How Rita’s English and Portuguese mentoring sessions work
  • Why it’s important to combine our other passions and interests with our additional languages.
  • Actually it’s really hard to summarise our conversation because we cover so many topics, share what has worked for us, tell stories, and generally have a great time talking about everything around languages, linguistics, and learning!

    This is how Rita introduced herself:

    “I’m Rita Prazeres Gonçalves. I work in languages and I’ve been in the language industry business for many years. I’m very passionate about language learning. I offer language services and I do language mentoring, which is a twist on teaching English in a particular way.”

    We explore more about Rita’s language mentoring and how that works in our conversation

    Also, Rita has a podcast. This is not our first interview. You can check out our conversation about learning languages as an adult on Rita’s podcast, The Language Worker, or you can watch it on Youtube.

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