For freelancers/business owners

  • Would you like to feel more confident about presenting yourself and your business in English?
  • Do you find it hard to communicate exactly what you offer, with all the benefits and value, because English is an additional language for you?
  • Or maybe you know the value of nurturing strong business relationships, but you find small talk in English a challenge?
  • I’m an English teacher who uses two additional languages at work.

    I offer a number of individual services for business owners like you so that you can present yourself and your business confidently and competently in English. This page provides details of individual courses. Additional courses will be coming soon – the best way to find out about those is to sign up to the monthly newsletter.

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    1. Business networking in English

    Business networking events can be a great way to meet new people, but networking in another language can bring new challenges. In this one-to-one business networking course, you will have the opportunity to perfect your pitch, to present yourself and your business clearly and confidently, and to explore strategies for growing your network and developing strong business relationships.

    2. Customised, one-to-one language training

    In the customised courses you have the opportunity to work with me on the challenges and areas that are important to you. This could be speaking skills, English grammar, pronunciation, developing your vocabulary, or understanding spoken English. I will put together a course for you in which we will look at your goals and help you to meet them.

    3. Presentations training

    Whether you’re demonstrating products at an exhibition, delivering training in English, or presenting ideas in front of customers or colleagues, good speaking skills are essential. In my presentations training I will help you to prepare to deliver a presentation that is clear, engaging, and memorable for the right reasons.

    Text services

    Communication support services

    In addition to my courses, I offer business owners support with their written communication. This can be in the form of:

    • Proofreading – I can identify and fix any mistakes or things that are unclear before anyone else sees them.
    • Communications support – I have previously worked in the communications field and I can help you to communicate your message as you want it to be understood.


    Come and join us at my online conversation club events

    It would be great to meet you! I’d like to offer you three free invitations to my conversation club events so that you can get to know me and have the opportunity to speak English at one of the club’s events. I have events that are specifically for business owners, employees, and general conversation, so you can discover which ones are more relevant and interesting for you.

    The Conversation Club events are designed to give people the opportunity to improve their speaking skills in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. One event per month is dedicated to the needs of business owners. There will be an opportunity to meet other business owners, to learn from a short presentation, and to take part in a discussion.