Business networking in English

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  • Do you avoid business networking sessions in English because you feel your vocabulary is not good enough, or you don’t feel ready for spontaneous conversations?
  • Do you attend them, but come away wishing you had said more?
  • Do you dread the break-out rooms because you find small talk difficult, particularly when it’s in English?

My three-part “business networking in English” training can empower you to present yourself and your business clearly, feel better prepared for one-to-one interactions, and set the foundations for strong business relationships with new leads.

What will we cover?

The online training is broken into three one-to-one sixty-minute sessions with me:

  1. Presenting yourself and your business with confidence
  2. Making connections and asking the right questions in break-out sessions
  3. Effective follow-up that brings results.

What are the benefits?

This three-stage networking training will equip you with the skills that you need to:

  • Present yourself and your business in English confidently and authentically;
  • Switch your focus to connecting with others, without letting language concerns or a fear of speaking English hold you back;
  • Develop some strategies for dealing with unexpected questions or uncomfortable silences;
  • Prepare yourself with a plan, both for what you want to achieve in the meeting, and how to do that in English;
  • Identify people whom you’d like to get to know better, and follow up with them in a way that feels genuine and helps you to develop meaningful business relationships – in English!

What is your investment?

  1. Time: Three hours to participate in the training, and another two hours between sessions two and three for your own preparation.
  2. Financial: £139. Your invoice will be in British Pounds. Please use the real-time currency converter on the side bar if you want to calculate how much this would be in your local currency.

Why did I develop this training?

When we had the first lockdown in the UK, a lot of online networking opportunities sprang up.

I’ve been working online for many years, so I knew the value of making new connections in this way. I’ve developed strong working relationships with customers online, I’ve built a personal development network of people who help me to grow, both professionally and in terms of my additional languages, and some of my best friends don’t live locally, so much of our communication is online. But still, even though I am very comfortable with communicating online, the thought of going into a Zoom room with people that I didn’t know has been a bit daunting sometimes. Even more so when the language for the meeting was not English.

Apart from the obvious decisions around finding which group (or groups) are right for you and your business, I noticed that people were facing other challenges such as:

  • Finding it difficult to describe what they do succinctly or in a way that makes sense;
  • Not knowing what to say in the break-out rooms;
  • People speaking too fast/too quietly/too much because they were nervous!
  • People trying too hard to sell something and sending everyone else running in the opposite direction!

Being in this situation can leave you feeling frustrated and, that you didn’t make the best of the opportunities available to you to showcase your experience, your ideas, or your business.

I know from my own experience that it became easier the more I practised and the more I tried to improve what I said.

I also know, from attending events in my second language, that doing all of these things in an additional language can bring extra challenges to overcome. However, practising for these situations in a more relaxed atmosphere, where it’s ok to make mistakes or take a few language risks, can make it more relaxing and enjoyable for you.

I have been teaching business English to adults since 2012 and I combine this, along with my experience in communications, to help participants on this course to make a positive and lasting first impression in business networking meetings – for the right reasons!

So, to suit up with confidence and the right words for your next networking meeting in English, just send me a message using the form below.

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