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English with Kirsty – episode 210

Bogdana Teglas – why you need a plan in business and language learning

You can listen to episode 210 here:

Bogdana and I met a few weeks ago on LinkedIn – my new favourite social media platform!

Bogdana is a Creative Digital Marketing Passionate Entrepreneur. Throughout the years she has worked with more than 35 areas of interest such as Tech, Software, Beauty, Fashion, Tourism, Construction, Medical, Business Services, Coaching programmes, Real Estate and more. Her communications and digital marketing skills helped her to generate more than 10k leads for SME companies through online advertising and PR SEO articles.

Bogdana has helped more than 100 SME Companies increased their online & offline brand awareness by more than 30% with creative marketing strategies, successfully handling large marketing budgets for advertising, and developing digital courses & programs for Start-ups in different communities.

We talked about:

  • What Bogdana does and how she helps her clients to promote their products and services
  • Bogdana’s experiences with learning German and Serbian as an adult
  • The role of AI in marketing and communications
  • The importance of having a plan, both when you’re running a business and learning a new language.

The one thing that I forgot to ask Bogdana about, and one of the main reasons I think I connected with her in the first place, was that she has a podcast! Maybe that’s the first topic for our next conversation! But in the meantime, do check out Bogdana’s YouTube channel where she has inspiring interviews with entrepreneurs (in English and Romanian).

Connect with Bogdana!

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