Headshot of Marta against a gray background looking into the camera and smiling. She has her hair down and is wearing glasses, a white blouse and a dark red jacket.

English with Kirsty – episode 225

Marta Pagans on the power of saying no

You can listen to episode 225 here:

Marta is originally from Barcelona and has lived in Germany since 2002. She is a freelance translator who works from German and English into Spanish and Catalan, specialising in marketing and advertising.

After many years of struggling with self-doubt, impostor syndrome and a fierce inner critic, Marta now offers consultancy services for fellow translators and interpreters, focusing on marketing and time management. What she enjoys most is encouraging people to believe in themselves and become braver about putting themselves out there – or about saying no when necessary.

I first met Marta online last year when she took part in my “31 ways to improve your English” challenge in January. Since then, Marta has been participating in my conversation club and earlier this year, she gave a presentation there to the group for business owners and freelancers. This was something new for Marta, but she accepted the challenge! Then she accepted a new challenge – her first podcast appearance in English!

We talked about:

  • Marta’s challenges with saying “no” and what changed for her
  • Some of the benefits that we can enjoy when we say “no” to things that are not right for us
  • How knowing ourselves and our values can help us to say “no”
  • Tips for people who find it difficult to say “no” at work
  • Challenges and solutions for saying “no” in an additional language.

How do you feel about saying “no”? Do you have any tips or experiences to add?

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