Welcome to my blog!

I kept putting off the idea of writing a blog because although I enjoy writing and generally have a lot to say, I couldn’t decide which direction the blog should take.

I want it to be a useful resource for my students and anyone else who is interested in languages and language learning.

I don’t want to focus on writing learning resources, but I will share things that I think others may find interesting or useful and I will also invite others to contribute to the blog.

I will post content in English and German but
the articles will not be translated into both languages.

I’m going to start with some posts about independent learning – things that people can do in their spare time to improve their language skills.

I hope you enjoy the blog and I’m looking forward to interacting with you!

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3 Comments on “Introduction”

  1. Links to new blog posts will also be shared on the English with Kirsty Facebook page.

  2. Tanja says:

    Wow Kirsty, I’m looking forward to the topics you will write here! :-) Is it possible to be informed when you post something new (e.g. via e-mail)? I don’t always remember where I saved links for interesting sites *smile* Have a nice day!
    Ah, if I click “notify me of new posts via e-mail” I will automatically be informed if you post a new article at this blog. Is this right?

  3. yes, that’s right. You can subscribe to the blog so that you will be notified about all new posts by email. The next post will land in your innbox later today :)

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