Body idioms

Use these words to complete the idioms. All of them have something to do with parts of the body.

Words to use

A. arm

B. eyes

C. fingers

D. head

E. hair

F. heart

G. Legs

H. Mind

I. Nose

J. stomach


1. She was at a party last night and she really let her … down.

2. Ok, I’ll come with you. You have twisted my …

3. I’m keeping my … crossed that we will get some good news soon.

4. I think I need a new laptop. This one is on its last …

5. Out of sight, out of …

6. I wish you would stop poking your … into other people’s business.

7. I can’t get my … round this problem.

8. I still go to the classes but my … is not in it any more because my friends have stopped going.

9. He put so much food on his plate but then he couldn’t eat it all. His … were bigger than his …

Check your answers

I made a podcast episode about these body idioms. You can either listen to the podcast or check your answers on the show notes page.

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