Popular posts in 2016

I’ve decided to do a round-up of my most popular posts in 2016. Some of them were published this year, whereas others just keep drawing people back! This post sums up the blog highlights in case you missed anything!


How to get the best out of language exchanges
This post was published last year, but as language exchanges are a great way to improve your skills, people keep coming back to it.


This is one of my interviews from the Germans in the UK series and talks about what Marcus thinks about living in the UK.


German speakers – watch out for reflexive verbs
There are some definite differences in English and German grammar. We tend to use less reflexive verbs than you would in German. Here are some verbs to watch out for.


This is another article in my Germans in the UK series. Steffi talks about her experience moving from Berlin to the North of England.


What do people from other parts of Europe think about Christmas in the UK?
This was my interview post in which I asked people who have moved to the UK a set of questions about Christmas.


10 ways in which listening to podcasts can help you to learn a language
As someone who produces a podcast, of course I think they’re useful! These are 10 ways in which podcasts can help language learners.


What to do if people are unkind about your English
I wrote this using my own experiences of negative comments that I’d received, and show how I try to ask myself key questions, before moving on with my day.


Are you making these mistakes when you use the apostrophe?
I was surprised that an article about punctuation would do so well. On the other hand, even native speakers frequently make mistakes with this punctuation mark.


Idioms about wolves

People seem to be interested in idioms and I think I’ll do some more grouped idiom posts next year. I love wolves – maybe some of my readers do too!


Germans in the UK
This is the main page for all the Germans in the UK interviews.


What do i.e. and e.g. mean?
This was another surprise – I didn’t expect this post to do so well, but the wise old owl posts are generally quite well received, so I’ll definitely write some more next year.


How Facebook groups can help you with language learning
The title says it all – and don’t forget that I too have a Facebook group for learners of English.


10 more mistakes made by German speakers who are learning English
I think this post did well because it was linked to the original post in this series, which continues to do really well.


10 typical mistakes made by German speakers who are learning English
This post from 2014 is still in the number 1 spot and was the most viewed blog post on my site this year!

Let me know what kind of posts you like

I’m beginning to plan my posts for next year, so whether you like language tips, grammar, vocabulary explanations, idioms or some other kind of language-related post, let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to provide it.

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