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Advice or advise?

Sometimes people get confused with these two words, so I want to show you how they are used.

Advise is a verb:

I advise you to think carefully about this decision.
We need a specialist in this area to advise us on which product would be best.

Advice is a noun:
Can you give me some advice please?
She was given some bad advice, which led to her buying the wrong product.

You should not make advice plural – it’s some advice, not some advices.

If you want to be specific about one thing, you can say “a piece of advice”, although this is longer, and most people usually just say “some advice”.

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One Comment on “Advice or advise”

  1. Tanja Biermann says:

    Thank you so much. This is also a “false friend” for me (well, hopefully it was as I tried to avoid this mistake after I noticed that I did it).
    Thank you very much for all your great tips for learning / improving English :-)
    Keep up your great work!

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