Jane Austen

On 19th July 1817, so 200 years ago yesterday, the famous British author Jane Austen died.

As it’s 200 years since her death, there are a lot of activities and celebrations to celebrate Jane’s life and works, possibly the most well-known of which was Pride and Prejudice.

Jane Austen will also be featured on the new, English plastic £10 bank note that will be coming out later this year, along with a quote from Pride and Prejudice.

Actually, Pride and Prejudice is the only book written by Jane Austen that I have read so far, but I have decided to read another one this month. For those of you who have read her other books, which would you recommend?

Earlier this year, my boyfriend and I went to visit Jane Austen’s house. If you’d like to read aboutwhat we found there, and ind out a bit more about Jane Austen’s life, I wrote an article on my other blog, Unseen Beauty. Please also remember that if you found my blog through a comment that I wrote on a fashion and beauty blog, all of my beauty and lifestyle posts are published on Unseen Beauty, not here.

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