Business Travel quiz

20 questions to test your knowledge of vocabulary used for travel, eating out, and hotels.

1. I don’t need to check in any luggage. I only have a …
A. carry around bag
B. carry in bag
C. carry on bag

2. I won’t be returning until tomorrow. All flights have been … due to the bad weather.
A. grounded
B. floored
C. earthed

3. I need to book a later flight because my flight has been ….
A. cancelled
B. fallen out
C. deleted

4. Please can you arrange for a taxi to … from the airport?
A. pick me up
B. take me
C. deliver me

5. I’m going to use the app to … so I don’t have to do it when I get to the airport.
A. check in
B. check out
C. check on

6. Is breakfast …?
A. inclusive?
B. within
C. included

7. Does the hotel have …?
A. Free connection
B. free wifi
C. no cost wifi

8. You can leave … if you want to but I don’t think the service was very good.
A. drinking money
B. overpayment
C. a tip

9. Don’t forget to save your … You will need them when you submit your travel expenses.
A. recipes
B. menus
C. receipts

10. Do I need to … at Clapham Junction?
A. Change the train
B. change trains
C. exchange trains

11. Thank you very much for offering to … to the airport.
A. give me a carry
B. give me a drive
C. give me a lift

12. I hope there isn’t much traffic this morning. It’s important that I get to the office … for the meeting
A. in time
B. on time
C. at the time

13. I’m … at the moment. I’ll call you when I get to the office.
A. at the train
B. on the train
C. in the train

14. Why are the trains here never …?
A. in time
B. on time
C. overtime

15. I don’t know what time I will be coming back. I need to buy … ticket.
A. an open coming back
B. an open return
C. an empty return

16. I need to pay with my card. I don’t have any … with me.
A. cash
B. small money
C. pound

17. What time is your …?
A. return flight
B. back flight
C. reverse flight

18. I’d like to … my ticket to business class.
A. uplift
B. upset
C. upgrade

19. What time do I have to pay the bill and …. Tomorrow?
A. check out
B. check off
C. check over

I’ll be happy to check your answers if you post them in the comments or send me a private message through the contact form.

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Author: Kirsty Wolf

I am an English teacher and a language enthusiast who also speaks German and Romanian. I help motivated professionals to improve their English so that they can communicate confidently and authentically.

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