Would you read your own blog?

I wrote this article for my beauty and lifestyle blog, but I’m reposting it here because I thought it might be relevant to learners of English who write for their own or their employer’s website, and also to the bloggers who follow English with kirsty.
So – if you’d never seen your own blog before, would you read it? It’s a chance to think about what’s important to you when you’re looking for articles to read, and to look at your content in a new way.
Also, if you’re more interested in beauty, travel and food than language tips, head on over to Unseen Beauty because I don’t repost many articles!

Unseen beauty

Taking a fresh look at your blog from an outsider’s point of view.

If you were a visitor to your blog, would you want to read it?

It sounds like an odd question, but think about it for a moment. Is your blog something that you would like to read if you hadn’t seen all the content before?

Hopefully the answer is “yes!”

The reason I’m asking is because it’s really hard to write things that you don’t find interesting. You might have to do it for a job – I wrote plenty of documents in past jobs that didn’t get me excited – (strategy delivery action plan anyone?) but when it comes to your own blog, people will be able to tell whether you’re passionate and feel excited about the content.

I’m sure there have been articles that you clicked on because of an interesting headline, but then you…

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