Ask the wise old owl – agreeing with negative sentences

Ask the wise old owl

Wise Old Owl

Why can’t I use as well in negative sentences?

If you have a positive sentence, you can use as well:

I like dogs
So do I
I do too
My boyfriend likes them as well

I’ve seen that film
Yes, I’ve seen it too
I’ve seen it as well.

However, you can’t use “as well” in a negative sentence.

You can’t say
I don’t like sweetcorn
I don’t as well.

You have to say something else like
Neither do I
I don’t like it either
Me neither

So the thing to remember is that “as well” doesn’t belong in negative sentences with words like don’t, can’t, hasn’t won’t etc.

I won’t be able to go to the meeting tomorrow.
No, neither will I

I can’t speak Chinese
Neither can I
Me neither

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