Cheese tasting in Amsterdam

This is a reblog from my personal beauty and lifestyle blog. I’m sharing it with you because even on holiday, there are opportunities to practice another language.
I don’t speak Dutch, but I enjoyed attending a bilingual presentation about cheese. I speak German, so I tried to see how many words I could recognise. If you’re learning English, why not try to go on an English tour of a local tourist attraction, or somewhere you’re visiting on holiday? Or you could try to read the information in English if there are signs and information boards.
Later in the post I talk about the boat tour, which had different options for audio. I chose to listen to the information in German instead of English, because it gave me some language practice as I was learning about the places that we passed.
Something like an audio guide is ideal for this, because if you’ve had enough after 5 or 10 minutes, you can always turn it back to your native language. But it’s a great way to practice your listening skills.
Have you ever done anything like this on holiday?

Unseen beauty

Last year, my boyfriend and I spent a weekend in Amsterdam.

The way it usually works is that I’m in charge of researching and planning things that we would both like to do, and he is in charge of navigating – finding where the places are on the map and working out how we will get there. I usually put together a list of ideas and we pick our favourites, which we then try to fit into our stay.

I looove cheese, and my boyfriend is quite fond of it too. So I was really pleased when I came across a cheese tasting session in Amsterdam. You can read more about it and visit the Reypenaer website here. The family-run company has been producing cheese for over 100 years and where possible, it uses milk from cows fed on fresh grass, because apparently this gives milder and better milk. There…

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2 Comments on “Cheese tasting in Amsterdam”

  1. Tanja says:

    When I’m on holidays I often try to look for English and Spanish booklets for tourists to read them at home when I return. It has two good side effects: On one side I can improve my English and Spanish and on the other side I have some great memories when re-reading the information.

  2. That’s a great idea – you have holiday souvenirs that are useful as well :)

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