Cheese tasting in Amsterdam

This is a reblog from my personal beauty and lifestyle blog. I’m sharing it with you because even on holiday, there are opportunities to practice another language.
I don’t speak Dutch, but I enjoyed attending a bilingual presentation about cheese. I speak German, so I tried to see how many words I could recognise. If you’re learning English, why not try to go on an English tour of a local tourist attraction, or somewhere you’re visiting on holiday? Or you could try to read the information in English if there are signs and information boards.
Later in the post I talk about the boat tour, which had different options for audio. I chose to listen to the information in German instead of English, because it gave me some language practice as I was learning about the places that we passed.
Something like an audio guide is ideal for this, because if you’ve had enough after 5 or 10 minutes, you can always turn it back to your native language. But it’s a great way to practice your listening skills.
Have you ever done anything like this on holiday?

Author: Kirsty Wolf

I am an English teacher and a language enthusiast who also speaks German and Romanian. I help motivated professionals to improve their English so that they can communicate confidently and authentically.

2 thoughts on “Cheese tasting in Amsterdam”

  1. When I’m on holidays I often try to look for English and Spanish booklets for tourists to read them at home when I return. It has two good side effects: On one side I can improve my English and Spanish and on the other side I have some great memories when re-reading the information.

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