Annoying things that people do on social media

I can’t reblog from my other site any more due to some changes that I’ve made to this site, but for anyone who isn’t following my personal blog as well, I thought I’d share this article because it ties in with the theme of effective communication.

Communication doesn’t just have to be about the words that you use. It’s also the things that you do and the way in which you do them.

The article is called “don’t be annoying – 15 things I wish people would stop doing on social media”. Some things are just my personal preferences, but there are others that are generally seen as bad practice.

So if you feel like visiting my personal blog, have a look and let me know if there is anything else that you would add to this list.

I don’t usually share my posts from Unseen Beauty on here – I only do it if there is some kind of link to language or communication.

Author: Kirsty

I have two blogs. English with Kirsty is my business blog for people interested in languages and learning English. Unseen Beauty is my personal blog.

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