Some people don’t need a language teacher. They just need someone with whom they can discuss what they want to learn and help to build a plan and make it happen.

Do you have problems that are preventing you from making progress with your English learning?
Do you want to try some new learning methods?
Do you find it hard to structure or organise your learning activities?

Firstly, I would suggest that you do my 10-day language learning challenge. The challenge is free and you can request it using the contact form on this page. During the 10 days, you will look at your goals, problems that prevent you from learning, people who may be able to help you, and how you can develop a range of skills that are needed for learning English.

The language challenge comes with a document that you can use to collect information from the 10 activities.

For some people, this is enough. They have a plan and a list of activities, and they can use these things to get motivated and make good progress.

Other people need a bit more help, which is where my language coaching service comes in.

Planning meeting

The planning meeting costs £25 (around 29.19 Euros). It’s a 60 minute online meeting, in which we discuss your goals, any problems that you have, and I give you suggestions for how you can organise yourself, overcome difficulties and I can recommend good learning resources for you. This is not a teaching session, but I will help you to take charge of your learning, get organised and put your plan into action. I will also provide you with an email to sumarise our meeting and the actions that you are going to take.

You don’t need to have completed the language challenge, but you will get more out of our meeting if you do.

These meetings take place between 09:00 and 17:00 BST, Monday to Friday.

Follow-up meetings

Once you’ve had your initial meeting, you are welcome to come back for follow-up sessions to stay accountable, check in on progress and look at whether anything needs to change. This meeting is 30 minutes, costs £15, (around 17.53 Euros), and as with the initial meeting, you also receive a document with any new actions or resources.

These meetings take place between 09:00 and 17:00 BST, Monday to Friday.

You can use this contact form to
1. Request the free challenge
2. Ask me any questions you may have about my language coaching or
3. Book a language coaching session with me.

Payment for sessions needs to be received in advance via Paypal. The details will be on the invoice that I send you after you’ve registered your interest.


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