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On this page you’ll find further information about resources related to public speaking, giving verbal presentations, and preparing for job interviews.

Presentation training

Whether you’re demonstrating products at an exhibition, delivering training in English, or presenting ideas in front of customers or colleagues, good speaking skills are essential.

These situations can be challenging though, especially if you’re someone who feels nervous about speaking in public.

In my presentation training sessions, I will help you in one or all of these areas:

  • Delivering presentations confidently
  • Speaking about your products or services spontaneously and answering related questions
  • Overcoming the fear of speaking in front of others
  • Preparing to give clarification, deal with objections, and minimise the impact of distractions or unexpected events.
  • Speaking clearly, at the right speed, and with good inflection.
  • You will have the chance to speak, develop your language skills and your confidence to shine in situations where others are listening to you.

    Job interview preparation

    Whether you want to improve your general performance at job interviews, or you’re preparing for a specific upcoming interview, I will help you to talk about yourself and your achievements clearly and confidently.

    We will

    • Practise answering a range of questions, both general and specific to your personal situation, so that you can prepare your answers in a relaxed atmosphere;
    • Discuss any issues relating to how you introduce yourself, highlight your strengths and discuss challenges.
    • Practice speaking about your experience and achievements with clarity and confidence;
    • Work on answering unexpected or more difficult questions.
    • Discuss examples that you can use in situation-based questions.
    • Discuss some strategies for dealing with nerves or anxiety.

    You will still have to do the interview, but the training will help you to feel more confident because you will have prepared, practising and polishing your performance.

    Video CV preparation

    Some companies are now asking applicants to provide a short video CV presentation as part of their job application. These video CVs can be a powerful tool to find out about an applicant’s personality, style, and energy, but from the applican’t’s point of view, it can be more of a challenge to convey themselves authentically in a couple of minutes. Even more so if you are recording the video in an additional language.

    You will need to make the video, but I will help you to prepare for it by identifying the points that you want to cover, helping you with any questions around language where necessary, and looking at your tone of voice, use of language, and speaking style. This will help you to feel prepared and equipped to make your video.

    Prices and further information

    1. Presentation training – fact-finding form to personalise your call, followed by a 60-minute session = £39. Additional hours can be booked at a rate of £35 per hour if you decide that you would like further support with the same project.
    2. Interview training – fact-finding form to personalise your call, followed by a 60-minute session = £39. Additional hours can be booked at a rate of £35 per hour if you decide that you would like further practise.
    3. Video CV preparation training – Question sheet to help you prepare, followed by a 60-minute call = £45.
    4. If you’d like to know more about either the presentation or the interview preparation service, you can get in touch with me using my contact form:

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