Episode 11

English with Kirsty – episode 11

Homophones – same sound, different spelling and meaning

In this episode I look at 10 sets of homophones and explain the differences so that you can be clear about the differences and choose the right ones.

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Homophones are words which sound the same but which have different spellings. You don’t here the difference when you’re speaking, but choosing the wrong spelling will bring mistakes to your written work.

1. It’s and its
It’s cold outside.
The dog wagged its tail.

2. They’re, their and there
We need to take another look at the marketing leaflets. We’ve had feedback to say that they’re not good enough.
Delegates need to return their course application forms by 30th September.
Is there a meeting tomorrow?

3. week or weak
The meeting is next week.
We need to do some more research. We can’t go to the meeting with weak arguments.

4. Meet or meat
Shall we meet on Thursday?
Some colleagues don’t eat meat. Ask whether anyone has any other dietary requirements before you book the lunch.

5. Weather or whether
The weather is cold for this time of year, isn’t it?
I wonder whether the large meeting room will be available next Friday afternoon.

6. Bear or bare
I will bear that in mind.
I have a teddy bear on my desk.
The trees are bare now because it’s autumn.

7. Wait or weight
I’m tired of waiting for them to get back to us.
I have to check the weight of this parcel. Then I can work out much it will cost to send it.

8. Knew or new
I knew that this idea would work well.
I got a new laptop this week.

9. Right or write
My office is the third door on the right.
Please write down any comments that you have about this proposal and send them to me by Friday.

10. See or sea
We need to see whether anybody wants to go to the seminar.
Next week I will be on holiday, swimming in the sea and drinking cocktails!

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