English with Kirsty’s 12 days of Christmas

I went shopping yesterday and it’s already beginning to feel Christmassy here in the UK with Christmas decorations, Christmas music and people talking about their Christmas preparations.

English with Kirsty is doing something special in December too!

My 12 days of Christmas will run on weekdays between 5th and 20th December, and there will be a range of special offers for learners of English. Some paid products and services will be free of charge for one day, and others will be heavily discounted.

Each special offer is only available for one day, so make sure you act quickly if it’s something that interests you! If you don’t want to miss any of the offers, you can sign up for the 12 days of Christmas alerts, which means you’ll be sent an email on the 12 days when offers are published on the site.

To sign up for the alerts or see what’s available, visit my Christmas page.