I’m doing Blogmas again this year – but on my other blog

I’m doing Blogmas again this year.

However, I have two blogs, and I wanted to put this here, because this is the first blog that people come to when they click on my name in WordPress, and it’s not always obvious that I have two.

This blog here is my educational business blog for people who are learning English or who have a more general interest in learning languages or teaching English.

My other blog, Unseen Beauty, is my private blog about beauty, skincare, travel, animals, subscription boxes, and my opinion articles about whatever I want to share.

I will be doing Blogmas this year, which means a post every day from 1st to 24th December. I’ll be talking about shopping, Christmas events, Christmas traditions, and I also have a couple of collaboration posts with charities. There will also be unboxings and a giveaway for beauty lovers.

But if you want to read the Blogmas articles, you’ll need to go over to Unseen Beauty, because that’s where Blogmas is happening!

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the articles, either here or on Unseen Beauty!