There are a number of idioms and common phrases in English which refer to animals. Here are a few of them.

The sentences can be completed using the words from the below list. Do you know which creature belongs with which sentence? Also, do you know what the phrases mean?

A. Cat
B. Duck
C. Dog
D. Horse
E. Lion
F. Rat
G. leopard
H. Worm
I. horse
J. Chicken
K. bird

1. I smell a …
2. He’s like a … with a bone.
3. That’s like shutting the stable door after the … has bolted
4. He was grinning like the … that got the cream.
5. The early … catches the …
6. Don’t count your … before they’ve hatched.
7. It’s like water off a …’s back.
8. I heard it from the …’s mouth
9. She got the …’s share.
10. A … can’t change its spots.

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