I’m launching something new this month!

Have you heard about my online conversation club for people who want to improve their English?

Sometimes one of the hardest parts of speaking a new language is to have spontaneous conversations in that language.

I know it’s something with which I struggled at the beginning when speaking German, and more recently with Romanian. Many of my clients have the same challenge!

My speaking events give you the chance to use your English language skills along with others who want to learn and improve. I’ll be there as well to facilitate the meetings, to assist, and to keep the conversations going.

I have events for business owners, employees, and for general conversation.

Come along if you’d like to learn to be more confident when you’re speaking English!

You can find more details and book your place on the club’s page.

The club will sponsor your first three events, so there will be no charge for you. After this, you have options to pay a small fee or to contribute to the growth of the club by bringing a guest or sharing your knowledge.