Celebrating success

What made you feel happy or proud as a language learner?
When you’re learning a language, it’s good to have goals. They keep you on track, give you structure to your learning, and, when you reach them, they help you to see how much progress you’ve made and how far you’ve come on the language learning journey. However, sometimes we can be so busy with the next goal that we forget to be happy about the things that we’ve achieved.

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be producing episode 50 of the English with Kirsty podcast and I’d like to do something a bit different.

I’m looking for input from you if you’re a language learner, and you can think of something to do with your language learning that made you feel happy or proud. It could be about learning English or any other language.

It’s good to remember these moments because they can help to motivate you on days when you don’t feel quite so enthusiastic about your language learning!

It could be things like:

  • The time I made my first telephone call in German. I was scared, but I got the information that I needed and felt proud and relieved when it was over!
  • The time I had my first real conversation with someone who doesn’t speak my native language. I remember the first time that I spoke with a Turkish speaker who didn’t speak English and afterwards I was amazed how well we’d been able to communicate. I forgot words and had to find other ways of saying things, but it worked!
  • Listening to a song on the radio and realising that I understood what it was about This is exciting, especially when you’re just a beginner and you start to recognise words and phrases.
  • Realising I’m not scared any more when the phone rings and I have to speak German;
  • Delivering my first speech in German – that was scary!
  • Ordering food without any help.

They can be big or small achievements and, if you want to, you can tell me a bit more about them.

My plan is to collect ideas from language learners and pull them together for the 50th episode. Can you help me?

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