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2015 is drawing to an end and I thought it would be interesting to find out what the most popular posts were this year. When I’m writing posts, I have plenty of ideas, but I don’t know which ones will end up being popular with my readers. In case you would also be interested, or you missed these posts earlier in the year, here are my top 10 blog posts this year!

10. What is a personal learning network and why do I need one?
Learning alone can be lonely! This article explains how you can involve others in your learning.

9. 10 tips for effective communication on the telephone
This is also available as a download from the tips page.

8. The inclusive classroom
This isn’t my usual type of post as it was written for teachers. It gives advice for working with blind students.

7. 5 tips for preparing to present information in English
This is also available as a mini audio course on the tips page.

6. What prevents us from speaking and what can we do about it?
Speaking can be one of the more difficult skills to develop. Here is some information about common barriers to speaking a new language and how we can get over them.

5. Do you want to write a good CV and come across well in interviews?
Many people want to improve their English so that they can apply for a new job. Here is information about writing CVs for English companies and what to do before and during your interview. A further 40 tips are available on request from the career page.

4. How to keep conversations going and avoid awkward silences
What do you do once you’ve got past the greetings and introductions?

3. The mistakes that I have made as a language learner and how to avoid them
Here I share from my own experiences as a language learner. I talk about my mistakes and how I put them right.

2. Frag die Lehrerin – Christine Konstantinidis
Several articles on my blog are in German. This interview with Christine Konstantinidis was particularly popular.

1. 10 typical mistakes made by German speakers who are learning English

This is by far the most visited post on my page and I intend to create another one with ten further mistakes next year.

It’s interesting that two of the top three posts were about mistakes. I can only assume that this is because people want to avoid making mistakes and I hope that the information I’ve shared will help them to do this.

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Author: Kirsty Wolf

I am an English teacher and a language enthusiast who also speaks German and Romanian. I help motivated professionals to improve their English so that they can communicate confidently and authentically.

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