The most popular posts written in 2017

A list of the most popular posts that appeared on English with Kirsty in 2017!

It’s the end of another year on the English with Kirsty blog, so I decided to look at which posts from this year have been most popular. This helps me to find out what types of post people are enjoying, and it also gives new readers a chance to find out what kind of content I publish. I’ve separated out the teacher posts because a couple of them were shared a lot on social media and would otherwise affect the results.

Posts for learners of English and language enthusiasts

10. How to end conversations with difficult callers – you know those people who just won’t stop talking!
9. Adjective order is important – I was surprised that a grammar post made it into the top 10, but it did! The word order rules we follow to make sure that the sentence sounds right when we’re describing things.
8. Make sure that your writing style is suitable for your audience – Sometimes it’s not spelling or grammar mistakes that make people click away, but a writing voice that just doesn’t sound right for the situation.
7. Summer weather idioms – I knew an idiom post would make it in there somewhere! Here are some expressions that we use related to sunshine and good weather.
6. What to do when you’re the only non-native speaker in a team. It can be tough – I talk about my own experience of this and the things that I have learned.
5. Audio books – the forgotten resource for listening skills – people talk about films and Youtube, but audio books are a really good way to improve your listening skills too because they make you rely entirely on your ears!
4. 10 mistakes people make with language exchanges – language exchanges are great, but if you don’t plan what you’re going to do and how you want it to work, you might not get the results that you want.
3. How to make listening a habit – Guest post from Cara at Leo Listening about building listening activities into your daily life.
2. Improve your written English by writing a blog – this is the post where I interviewed a number of bloggers who are writing in English although it isn’t their native language.
1. When did I stop being afraid to speak German? – I was actually surprised that this post was so popular, but I guess people like to read about real people and their stories. This is about learning German, because that’s my second language, but you can apply what I said to any language that you want to learn.

Posts for teachers of English

3. How can we help the quiet students?
2. How to find new students
1. 15 things I wish I’d known before becoming an online English teacher

I hope you enjoyed these posts. Don’t forget to let me know in the comments if you have any ideas for other content that you’d like to see next year! I wish all my readers a Happy New Year and that 2018 will bring you success, happiness, and a lot of fun!

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Author: Kirsty Wolf

I am an English teacher and a language enthusiast who also speaks German and Romanian. I help motivated professionals to improve their English so that they can communicate confidently and authentically.

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  1. I’m not surprised that these are all popular posts – especially the grammar one. I think people start blogs with the want to share and write, but a fear about their ability. So it’s great that you have created a platform offering that help. x

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