To my new blog readers

I’m sorry to anyone who has read a post like this before, but I have some new readers, so I just wanted to highlight it again.

I think this is the first blog that comes up for me in WordPress, but I do actually run two from this account.

This blog, English with Kirsty, is my business blog. I write about learning English, general tips for learning languages, effective communication, grammar, and other things that I think would be useful for adults who are learning English, or people who have a more general interest in writing, language, and communication.

My other blog, Unseen Beauty, is my personal blog where I share about beauty and skincare, travel, disability and accessibility, animals, and my general musings that have nothing to do with work.

You’re welcome to follow either or both of these blogs – I just like people to know the difference and what they can expect on each one!

Have a wonderful day!

Author: Kirsty Wolf

I am an English teacher and a language enthusiast who also speaks German and Romanian. I help motivated professionals to improve their English so that they can communicate confidently and authentically.

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