The most popular posts of 2018

For anyone who’s new to the blog, I thought it might be nice to do a round-up of my top 10 posts this year. So these aren’t the overall top 10, but they are the most popular ones that were written next year. New visitors will find out what kind of things I write about, and for anyone else, there might be something here that will help you. If learning languages isn’t your thing and you found me via WordPress, I do also have a private blog.

10. Starting to learn a language again after a break

Sometimes it’s hard to get going again if you’ve taken a long break from learning a language. This might even be something you plan to do in the new year. If it is here are some tips on how to get started and keep things manageable.

9. When using the telephone isn’t the best idea

Many students ask for help with improving their telephone skills, but sometimes using the telephone isn’t the best way to get the job done. Here’s why.

8. What are filler words and why can they become a problem?

They can make your speech sound more natural and spontaneous, but if you use too many of them, you can get on people’s nerves. Here’s some information about filler words

7. Wise old owl post – negative sentences

How do you agree with negative sentences? Should your sentence be positive or not? Find out here!

6. How to choose the right podcast for learning a language

There are so many podcasts out there. Some are specifically for learners of English, whilst others will help you to learn more about your favourite topics in English. But how do you choose the most useful ones?

5. 20 things you shouldn’t do to win an argument or get your point across in a discussion

We can all find ourselves in heated discussions, but what things should you avoid so that you don’t make things worse or make yourself look bad? Find out what not to do here!

4. Listening skills – one reason that you don’t understand is that you’re listening for the wrong thing

Listening for the wrong things can make it really hard to understand spoken English We often don’t speak as we write. Sounds disappear completely. Words get merged together. You’ll find some things to look out for in the tips in this post.

3. Are you doing these things that could derail your language learning?

Hopefully not! Most people who are committed to learning a language don’t want to sabotage their efforts, but there are some things that can end up making things harder for you. Make sure that you’re not doing these things!

2. My 2nd book is out – achieving results online with adult language learners

This was a post aimed more at teachers of English to tell them about my new book.

1. 5 constructive ways to say you think something is a bad idea

We all have situations at work or with friends when someone makes a bad suggestion. Sometimes your first thought is to say what a bad idea it is. In your native language, it’s probably easier to make the message sound a bit nicer, but it’s not always as easy in another language. Here are some tips for saying that in English.

I hope you find some of these posts helpful. Happy new year!

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