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These are some of the questions that I am often asked about online learning, my lessons and the way things work at English with Kirsty. If you have a question that isn’t listed here, you can send me a message using my contact form at the bottom of this page.

Will I be able to learn if we are not meeting face to face?

Yes. If you have the commitment and determination to learn English in person, you can definitely have the same success online.
Online learning means that you are not limited to teachers in your geographical area.
You can find out what some of my customers think about online learning here.

We are not in the same room but you can take part in the lessons from the comfort of your own home. Many companies are making use of the benefits of video/teleconferencing for meetings because it saves time and money which would otherwise be spent on travelling. You can do this too! Also, if you will be taking part in teleconferences and vıdeo conferences at work, you will be at an advantage if you are already used to speaking English in this way.

Some people are worried that online learning is less personal than a face-to-face course. However I provide one-to-one tuition, which is arguably more personal than face to face training in a group.

Which course should I do?

If you want to talk to me about the different options, we can arrange a free, online meeting to discuss your needs and what I can offer you. If you’d like to do this, send me a message on the contact form at the bottom of this page.

On my home page, there is a table that lists my courses with a short description, and information about the kind of people for whom the course would be suitable.

Do I have to tell you how many lessons I want to have?

If you are doing the language and communication training, there is no fixed number of lessons. You can book each lesson individually if you want to, but there are discounts for block bookings. Daytime lessons are also cheaper than evening lessons (click the language and communication training link for further details). Some customers book blocks of lessons, in which case payment needs to be made in advance, not at the end of the block.

Some customers like to have a regular slot each week. This means that they are guaranteed the slot that they want.

Other customers can’t do this due to business or other commitments and as long as I have slots available, I try to fit people in.

Lessons need to be booked or cancelled at least 24 hours in advance.

In terms of the grammar training, you can book a block of lessons, or you can just choose the modules that are relevant to you.

The business English course has 12 modules and you need to sign up for the complete course.

Do you offer any group courses?

Yes, I have the Business English Club. Click here to find out more about the club.

Where do your customers live?

Most of my customers live in Germany although I do have some in Switzerland and some elsewhere. As my lessons are online, I can teach customers anywhere in the world. However, as I am a qualified, English native speaker who also speaks German, my training especially appeals to German speakers.

Do you teach beginners?

Yes, I teach customers of all language levels. If someone is a complete beginner, I prefer it if they also speak German so that I can give explanations in German.

The learning materials for my courses are in English, so beginners need to sign up for language and communications training, which will be tailored to suit their needs.

Can you help me to improve my speaking skills?

Yes I can! Many of my customers were originally shy about speaking English but one-to-one lessons with me have helped them to grow in confidence and speak more fluently. Whether you sign up for the club, book on the business English course or have language and communication training, We will do a range of speaking exercises on topics which are interesting and relevant to you.

I email my customers an information document at the end of the lesson with details of new vocabulary, grammar points and tips for improving their English. This means that they can focus on speaking during the lesson.

Do we have to use Skype?

Most of my customers use Skype, but we can also use Facetime, Facebook voice messenger, Whatsapp voice messenger, Viber or Google Hangouts if you prefer.

If you only want to work on your writing skills, and not to speak, I also offer a writing course

Do you do translations or proofreading?

Yes. You’ll find details of my text services for individuals and small businesses on my English good to go page.

iPhone, iPad and Blackberry devices used for online learning

Do you work at the weekend?

I work from Monday to Friday and I have daytime and evening slots. I don’t give lessons at the weekend.

I need to work on my business English. Do you have courses for this?

Yes, I have designed a business English course that takes you through 12 modules in which you will work on different business-related topics. You can read more about the course here.

Do you speak English all the time?

This depends on the customer. If I don’t speak the customer’s native language, we have to speak English all the time. If the customer speaks German, we can also speak German if it would help with vocabulary or to explain a grammar point.
There are differing opinions as to whether using a second language is helpful. In my lessons, the aim is to speak as much English as possible but I think that it sometimes helps to use German if this will make it easier for a customer to understand something. I want my customers to be clear about the rules and reasons for things so that they can use their knowledge to build new sentences confidently and independently.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Do you have questions about my courses or my online lessons?
Would you like to find out more or to discuss your requirements and what I can offer you?
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Why not have a look at some of my free resources!

If you would like to find out more, I have a number of tips on my site. You can sign up for factsheets about improving language skills, conversation skills or telephone skills. There is also an audio course about giving presentations in English or a recording of a webinar that I gave about preparing for meetings in English. Just click on the “tips” link and sign up for the things that interest you.

I also have a weekly podcast. You can subscribe to it on iTunes or a number of other podcast apps. Alternatively, you can listen to individual episodes on my website.

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