Episode 182

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English with Kirsty – episode 182

Janina Neumann – bilingual graphic designer

You can listen to episode 182 here:

Today I’m bringing you an interview with Janina Neumann, a bilingual business owner and graphic designer whom I met recently through business networking.

Janina is a bilingual graphic designer, intercultural management trainer, and business owner of Janina Neumann Design. JND is a bilingual design company, helping clients create a social impact in the UK and abroad. Working with social enterprises, charities and councils, Janina helps clients communicate their message equally effectively across different languages and cultures. Janina speaks English and German fluently and has a keen interest in learning new languages, including French and Farsi.

Here are some of the points that we explore in our conversation:

  • Janina’s experience of differences in communication across cultures.
  • The balance between showing an interest and getting things done.
  • Tips for anyone planning to move from Germany to the UK.
  • How learning other languages can help you to understand more about those that you already speak.
  • Staying in touch with customers and colleagues as our working environments change.

You can find out more about Janina here:

  • Janina’s Facebook page
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Janina’s YouTube channel
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