CV and interview resource page

The page with links to all my resources for job applicants. Resources include factsheets, blog posts, podcast episodes and training packages.

This is the page for people who are writing English CVs, preparing for interviews in English, or thinking about applying for jobs in English-speaking companies.

Information for job applicants is spread across my site, so I’ve decided to write a post that brings it all together as a selection of links. I will add to this page as new relevant content is added to my site. This could include blog posts, podcast episodes, guest content, and paid or free training.

1. 20 CV tips

If you would like my free factsheet with 20 tips on writing a good CV, you can request it from my career page.

2. Differences between German and English CVs

If you’re German and you would like to apply for a job in an English company, there’s more to think about than just translating your CV into English. In this Podcast episode, HR professional Andrea Hartenfeller tells us about some of the differences between German and English CVs.

3. 20 interview tips

If you’d like to read my factsheet with 20 tips on preparing for interviews, you can request it on my career page.

4. Preparing for interviews

When you’re going to an interview, it’s not just about your performance on the day. In this podcast interview, recruitment professional Nic Burmester talks about her experiences of interviews in the UK, and gives advice on preparing to answer two common questions.

5. Preparing for interviews

This article also gives you some tips on how you can prepare for an interview and make sure that you come across well on the day.

6. Don’t ruin your chances!

In this conversation about interviews, Natasha Reddrop talks from the perspective of the interviewer. She tells us things that people have said which ruined their chances of getting the job, and gives us tips for dealing with nerves or what to do if you don’t know the answer to a question.

7. Questions not to ask at interviews

Following on from the point about ruining your chances by saying the wrong thing, when it comes to your questions, here are some questions that it’s best not to ask (podcast episode).

8. Questions that the interviewers might be asking themselves about you

They will never ask you these questions, but here are I also covered this in episode 154 of the podcast. Youwon’t know the interviewer’s answers to these questions, but you can shape what they think of you by working on how you come across in the interview.

9. Training

Finally, if you need some additional help, I offer three training sessions for people who are applying for jobs in English. There’s the CV package, in which I proofread your English CV, giving you tips and sorting out any mistakes. The interview preparation session will help you to become more confident when it comes to talking about yourself and answering questions spontaneously in English. If you have an English profile on a social media site such as LinkedIn or Xing, I also offer a session for reviewing the language on this page and making sure that you come across well in English. You can find out more about these training sessions on my careers page.

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